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This article is not about how to create an override in Joomla. If you want more information about this, I recommand you to open this page.
This article is about how the content of this website is structured, how you can navigate through, how you can access the informations, etc. I also give some details about the way I've managed this project.

Maybe this city directory is not optimum for you, maybe you'll have done it in another way or maybe you simply love it. To be very honest, there is no truth here, it's just my way to do it. May this project inspire you.

To display the members of the city council, I've used com_contact. For a better structuration, I've created first a parent category and then 2 child categories with their respective descriptions.

Com_contact categories
Categories in com_contact

Then I've added the members in each categories with these informations for each of them:

  • Name and title: Duchesse Ewe
  • Picture
  • County: District

Because I wanted these people to be searchable and related to their respective districts, I've added this information as a tag.

Parameters of the contact

Because it is not possible to display contacts from more than one category, I've used the menu item Contacts Featured and set all the contacts as featured to present all the members of the City Council.

With an overide, I've also added the name of the contact to personalize the form:

com_contact form personalized
com_contact form personalized

To create the districts, I've simply used com_content: a district = an article. The list of the districts is generated with a blog menu item.

Each article is presented with the district relevant tag in it.

com_content article tag
Tag in article - com_content

To display the list of the same tag contents, I've just created a Compact List of Tagged Items menu item.

com_content tag menu item
Tag menu item - com_content

In the right column, I've displayed several modules related to the article:

  • Your district representatives: the contacts based on the same tag,
  • In this district: the related articles based on the same keywords,
  • Our districts: the others articles from the same category,

The directory of the activities has been created with com_content. First, I've create a parent category and I've added a child category for each activity.

com_content directory categories
Directory categories - com_content

Then, I've created a custom fields group Informations and 3 custom fields:

  • Opening hours,
  • Closing day,
  • Address,

These custom fields are only available for the article revelant of the selected categories.

com_fields fields
Custom fields - com_content

For each article of the directory, I've only added:

  • The tag of the district,
  • Tag article
    Tag of the article

  • The informations in the custom fields,
  • Custom fields article
    Custom fields the article

  • The name of the district and the activity in the Meta Keywords tag,
  • Meta Keywords article
    Meta Keywords of the article

To display the directory, I've created a menu item List of All Categories and selected the parent category created earlier.

Menu List of Categories
List of the categories of the directory

Then, I've added 6 sub-menu to avoid a too long scroll with the 19 activities. These sub-menu are separator menu items.

Menu directory
Menu and sub-menus of the directory

At last, I've created a menu item Category Blog for each activity.

Now, the visitors can access to the list of any activity in Hornshadow with: the name, the address, the closing day, the opening hours and the district.

List of the same activities
View of the same activities in the city

monkAbout the Joomla Overrides Challenge

In association with Viviana Menzel, we've created the unofficial Joomla Overrides Challenge.

The final goal of this partnership is to show how Joomla can be really powerful with the overrides. Of course, we also have fun and we increase our Joomla skills. There is nothing to win and the participants have nothing to lose.

Each month, we create an new override based on an extension or on an project. That's why I've created this website to display some of my overrides created in this challenge. Whatever is your Joomla level, if you want to join us and participate you're very welcome. Don't hesitate to contact Viviana or me :)