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The Hornshadow districts

Hornshadow is divided in 5 districts. For each of them, you'll have the name of their official local representatives and the complet list of the activities available in this aera (shops, associations, utilities, education, religion, etc.).


Slightly elevated from the rest of Hornshdow, this neighborhood quickly became the choice of the bourgeois and the local aristocracy. The houses are opulent there and the streets are wide and safer than elsewhere. Greathook is maybe more expensive but its a very nice and charming district for living.

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Hotwell is a suburb of Hornshadow which extends beyond the city walls in a south-easterly direction, along the Dearborn Road. It is still a poor neighborhood, populated mainly by hunters, peasants and families who have recently arrived in Hornshadow. The houses are modest but the population is increasing.

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Most of the descendants of the Hornshadow pioneers today live in this northern part of town. Populated mostly by traders and farmers, Northgate has experienced very low population growth. Nevertheless, it is an important entry point that connects the city to the north of the country.

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Old district

As the name suggests, Old District is the oldest part of Hornshadow. The city was founded several hundred years ago and has spread on either side of the river. This district is the most typical of the city. The streets are lively, the houses are old and full of charm.

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South Town

Recent and industrial district of Hornshadow, South Town developed especially around and thanks to the implantation of the fortress. The strategic position of the city allowed the arrival of many families in the years following the construction of this building.

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The surroundings

The area around Hornshadow is mostly composed of cultivated fields (to the northeast) and prairies (to the west and south). The river that crosses the city is not navigable and only serves to feed the population. In fact, there isn't much of interest for miles around. Trust me!

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The City Council

Hornshadow Town Council is the city's highest assembly. It is composed in equal parts of representatives of royal power and religious power.

The City Council
Our City Council

Who's in town?

Right now, we have 188 visitors and no enemies in town.
We wish you a peaceful stay among us.

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