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The Districts

Everything you want to knwo about the Districts of Hornshadow is listed here.

Who is my district representatives?

You can access this information in two different ways.

The district page

Access to the districts main page and then, select your district.

You will find the name of your two districts representative on the page of your district.

The city council

Access to the city council page where are listed all the Council members.

Click on the District label to sort the results in the table.

Then, you have the nave of your 2 district representatives.

Where is located my district town hall?

For each district, you have access to a complete list of all the informations related to it. The address of the district town hall is indicated.

Here is the list of these pages:

  • Hotwell
  • Northgate
  • South Town

Who should I contact to create a new business in my district?

For any information relative to business, you must contact first your district representative.

See the City council page to find your district representative.

Where I should go for any administrative formality?

For any kind of administrative formality, you should visit your district town hall where the Council staff will assist you.

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