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The City Council

All the answers you have about the City Council of Hornshadow are listed here.

How can I make a difference in my community?

Here are some recommendations for community involvement:

  • Become active in your neighborhood association or neighborhood watch. See The Neighborhood Resources for more information.
  • Bring your concerns, ideas, questions, and problems to the attention of your Council Member. If the matter is outside of the jurisdiction of the City of Hornshadow, it will be referred to the proper authority.
  • Attend public meetings to learn about and provide input concerning the issues and topics in the community that concern you most.
  • Volunteer to serve on a city board, committee, or commission to make recommendations to the City Council on a variety of matters. See Boards, Committees, and Commissions Listing for more information.

When does the City Council meet?

The City Council meets the first Tuesdays of every month in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at Central palce in Old District. During the summer months, the City Council only meets once or twice a month as required. See the Mayor and Council Schedule of Meetings for more information.

How do I contact my Council Member?

You may contact the Council Member representing your ward by visiting their office or writing a letter. In a brief letter, describe the problem or issue, provide your first and last name and your mailing address. You may be able to schedule a meeting with your Council Member, or their aides to talk with them about the matter. Staff will be asked to research the matter to provide a response.

If you know that there are others people who share your concern, they may visit or write letters to these elected officials as well. For a complete listing of the city's nominated officials, see the Council web page.

Each Council Member have a staff that assists in responding to the problems, letters, and requests for information or service that come to their offices each day. See the appropriate Council page for a current listing of the staff members.

Who is my council representative?

The neighborhood you live in within the City of Hornshadow limits determines your ward and your council representative. Use the City Ward Map to locate your ward and your council representative.

See the City Council page

How are the Council Members nominated?

The 10 Council Members are nominated at equality by the royal power (5 members) and the religious power (5 members). Each member represents its own district, in association with its pair.

The Council Members are chosen but not elected (there was no elections in 14th century!). The replacement of a Council member occurs only after the death of one of the members or by decision of the power he represents.

How does the City of Hornshadow operate?

The city council of Hornshadow is the local government. The central body is comprised of ten members who are chosen at equality by the royal power (5 members) and the religious power (5 members). The legislative body establishes the policies for the city.

Once policies are set by the Council, it is the job of the City Manager, his staff, and the city department directors to implement these policies as the executive body in the differents neighbouroughs. The city manager is selected by the Council and is responsible for hiring all of the city department directors.

Find more info about the City Manager

The city attorney, the city clerk, and the city magistrates are also appointed by Council. The magistrates are the judicial body in the City of Hornshadow.

See the Hornshadow City Court page.

What are the duties of a City council member?

Each member of the Council has several duties as the nominated official for the City of Hornshadow.

  • Enacts ordinances, sets policies, and develops an annual Legislative Agenda for the City of Hornshadow
  • Oversees the city budget and capital improvements program.
  • Holds weekly council meetings to address issues and concerns in the community.
  • Responds to peoples' concerns at neighborhood meetings, through written correspondence, visits and staff assistance.
  • Serves on Council Subcommittees to deal with specific issues such as public safety, youth and family issues, and community services. A subcommittee is composed of three Council Members.

What is the City Council Agenda?

There are some issues with which City Council must approach with a higher form of government, such as the Regional Legislature or Congress, to get resolved. Consequently, Council form a Legislative Agenda to advocate solutions for local problems. During the legislative session, the Council and staff work diligently to urge the Legislature and Congress to solve these problems and protect the interests of local citizens.

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