Today is Tuesday 12 November 1320

Welcome to the city of Hornshadow

If you're just getting started with Joomla, I've created this 100% Joomla site as example to show you the power and the beauty of the overrides.

To present you these overrides in a nicer way, I've imagined and created the website for the fictional medieval city called Hornshadow.
Through this example, you will explore and discover

This middle ages city is ruled by the two powers of that time, namely the king and the religion.

The royal representation

Each district has a royal representation who sits on the municipal council

The religious representation

Each district has a religious representation who sits on the municipal council

Hornshadow has 5 differents districts with differents activities. Don't hesitate to visit them!

Old District
This is the historic and oldest part of the city.

The residential distric with expensives houses.

Poor south suburb.

South Town
Large distric built around the fortress with military facilities.

Neighborhood located in the north of the city, close to the fields.

Because a visitor may need to find a herborist or a tavern, each activity is searchable per district.

The shops
Bakeries, taverns, fish shops, clothes, groceries.

The utilities
Fire stations, police, district town halls, post offices, librairies.

The religion
Churches, temples.

Hunters, fishers, seamstresses.

Schools, preceptors, tutors,.

The health
Doctors, dentists, herborists, dispensaries.

I wish you a pleasant visit !


Our latest updates

Life is really hectic in Hornshdaow, as this update of these articles proves!

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Our popular activities

Here is the list of the most famous activities in Hornshdaow

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Our famous tags

Don't hesitate to explore our beautiful city through our popular tags

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Help & Guides

A rich resource of Written tutorials and Examples are available for free at

A rich resource of written tutorials and examples are available here for free.

Joomla Overrides Ressources

Special thanks to

    I've created the Hornshadow's map with this amazing free online generator.
    The palette color used for this project comes from this very cool website
    Most of the .png illustrations displayed in this site comes from there.

Why this website?

First, I had the idea to create a site to collect and display the overrides that I was going to create during the Joomla Overrides Challenge. Then, the idea of creating a site that is only done with overrides gained ground. I wanted this site to be inspirational for the Community and beyond, to show that it is easy and fun to play with Joomla and overrides. I encourage everyone to play with the overrides :)

The explanations about the overrides created for this site are mainly posted on my website and/or on my blog.

I love the middle ages and medieval times. So I took this opportunity to imagine and create the site of a medieval town thanks to (thank you Cloudaccess). However and even if it's not the point here, I do not guarantee the authenticity of the information and illustrations contained in this site :)

If you have any ideas for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

monkAbout the Joomla Overrides Challenge

In association with Viviana Menzel, we've created the unofficial Joomla Overrides Challenge.

The final goal of this partnership is to show how Joomla can be really powerful with the overrides. Of course, we also have fun and we increase our Joomla skills. There is nothing to win and the participants have nothing to lose.

Each month, we create an new override based on an extension or on an project. That's why I've created this website to display some of my overrides created in this challenge. Whatever is your Joomla level, if you want to join us and participate you're very welcome. Don't hesitate to contact Viviana or me :)